Smooth Rock Falls – Commercial and Industrial Lead Generation


After the success of the launch in 2017, Impact & Main ran another campaign in November 2018 – “Smooth Rock Falls – One-year later”.  With renewed messaging, we updated the public, the media and potential investors on Smooth Rock Falls progress since the initial brand launch the previous year. Once again, the Town was thrilled with the overwhelmingly positive response which included:

  • 52 separate media stories (print, radio or television)
  • Reached for a total of 14,323,351 people reached across Canada
  • The last article ran in January on and Smooth Rock Falls was discussed by the same journalist on The Agenda with Steve Paiken


The next challenge is to leverage the brand to drive economic development. How could a town of 1,000 punch above its weight?



How could a town of 1,000 punch above its weight? A multi prong approach was the answer, including digital advertising, attracting key verticals and promoting a new industrial park


Digital advertising

This second campaign involved a greater focus on attracting new businesses and investors.  It included an extensive paid search campaign and updates to the website including the following digital ads:


Attracting high value verticals

The community of Smooth Rock Falls was also missing some key services.  Impact & Main worked with the Town to create a lead generation and prospect conversion campaign to help attract new businesses and investors in specific verticals.  One of those verticals was HVAC and plumbing.  The closest plumber/HVAC business was almost an hour away and it was costing residents and the municipality more for these services than it should.

But Smooth Rock Falls didn’t just want a new plumber to open a business in town, it wanted that person to bring their family and set down roots, buy a home, register at the school, and become active community members.  Impact & Main developed a sales piece that sold the business opportunity and the community.  Here are images showing some of the pages from this 18-page strategic document.


Promotion of a new Industrial Park

The launch a new 27-acre industrial park will help attract new businesses and jobs to Smooth Rock Falls. The successful PR launch is to be followed by other marketing activity to generate and convert leads.

You can visit Smooth Rock Falls website at: for more information about the Town.

Impact & Main Inc. continues to work with the Town of Smooth Rock Falls providing strategic counsel, marketing, and economic development support.