We believe in the innovative nature of small and mid-size communities to change the world around us.

We are a management and communications consulting company that specializes in the design, implementation and management of economic development programs that help improve the lives and livelihoods of the residents of your community.


Here is a selection of some of our favourite projects!

Community Building

SPOTLIGHT is a new way to turn cultural strategies into action by turning cultural opportunities into businesses.

We worked with the community of Huntsville to identity underutilized cultural assets and then created 10 new business ideas for Huntsville to attract entrepreneurs and new businesses to their community.

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The Napanee Impact Real Estate (IRE) project is a private sector purpose-driven social impact enterprise that is bringing together external social impact investors with the Town of Greater Napanee to redevelop an under-utilized downtown property into an entrepreneurs’ centre and community hub.


This is a demonstration project for a program that we plan to rollout nationally.

Branding & marketing

Unfortunately it’s a common tale – small Northern town hit hard when main employer shuts down.


How do you save your beloved community? How do you transform yourself into something new but still keep the essence of what makes your town so awesome? How do you get other people to see what you see and want to move there? Well you hire Impact & Main to help you!

Muskoka, famous for stunning scenery, big lakes and big cottages. But that’s just one side of Muskoka, there is a lot more to their story.   From million dollar cottages and a world-class arts and culture scene to family cottages owned for generations, campfires and hotdogs. There is a lot to say about Muskoka!


Impact & Main helped this iconic community develop a new brand that told Muskoka’s full story. Read on to find out more!

Families have been coming for generations to the same cottage resort but recently tastes and trends shifted, family make-ups changed and the group of family-owned cottage resorts located in North Muskoka needed help to attract a new generation of families.


Impact & Main Inc. helped with a new brand strategy and content marketing designed for multiple target audiences.

Strategic Planning

The ultimate goal of this project was to establish a direction for the future growth and strengthening of Greater Napanee’s cultural sector.  We believe, and know, that a stronger cultural sector means a strong community.


Culture plans can change communities and the one we did for the Town of Greater Napanee did just that.

Centennial College Community Hub Feasibility Study

Centennial College is striving to embed the spirit of entrepreneurship in their students’ outlook on career and life. We helped them imagine a revitalized Centre of Entrepreneurship for the college. A Centre that would be part of their ongoing efforts to strengthen Centennial’s connections with the community’s stakeholders and the role of entrepreneurship in the ethos of the College’s programs and the student experience. Read on to find out more about this exciting idea!

City of Cambridge Special Event Strategy

Special events are, at their heart, a way for a community government to celebrate its uniqueness, improve its residents’ quality of life, and generate economic benefit to the community. Ideally a community’s special events strategy should balance the government’s overall vision and its economic development needs, be responsive to community initiatives, and nurture those events coming from the grassroots.  We took our experience with incubators and entrepreneurship to come up with a unique solution for Cambridge!