We help you make the best decisions.


Impact & Main is a social impact company dedicated to helping small and medium size communities and organizations achieve their ambitious strategic priorities at the same time as creating action plans that realistically fit with your resources and capabilities.


We help your team make informed decisions, develop actionable plans, and as required execute those plans.  We have a depth of both planning and operational experience.  The critical importance of organizational readiness and operationalizing the strategy can sometimes be overlooked. This means that we don’t just talk about strategies with our clients; we’ve created and implemented action plans tailored specifically to our clients’ requirements.


We work with executive and senior leaders of communities and organizations, providing senior counsel and on-going support.  Our clients include: Small to mid-size municipalities; Non-profit organizations; Tourism organizations; Arts, culture, heritage organizations; Community groups; Chambers and BIAs.  Check out our Experience page for profiles of some recent work.


Our aim is to help you make the best decisions given your corporate objectives, the circumstances you are facing and your resources.


Our Services:
  • Vision, mission and positioning
  • Priority setting and facilitation
  • Stakeholder research, consultation, buy-in
  • Digital strategy and implementation
  • Stakeholder experience mapping
  • Strategic plans
  • Program planning
  • Tourism strategies
  • Arts, culture and heritage planning
  • Special event strategies & implementation

We have the expertise and experience to create your special story and bring it to life, in order to distinguish your community or organization.


Our Services:
  • Brand strategy and messaging platform
  • Visual brand identity
  • Marketing and communications plans & execution
  • Social media planning, execution & monitoring
  • Corporate identity programs
  • Website strategies & development
  • Public & media relations
  • Fundraising & sponsorship

We are community builders, economic developers and advisers dedicated to improving the lives and livelihoods of the residents of the communities we help.


Our Services:
  • Commercial & industrial lead generation & conversion
  • Business succession planning & programs
  • Community consultation and buy-in
  • Executive dashboard reporting
  • Business hubs & incubators
  • Tourism strategies
  • Conceptualizing and implementing new programs
  • Business and operational plans